technical description

Noise protection

The interior trim (side textile, bottom bitumen) achieves noise reduction to 86 dB / A (empty state) and 84 dB / A (half full). These values ​​are well below the required bandwidth of 95:92 for the noise protection class I.
Additional noise protection is ensured by a splinter protection rubber mounted in the opening.
On request, vulcanised steel strips that prevent the direct fall of the glassware (drop in height) can be used.

Surface and coloring

Galvanized sheet steel, powder-coated in one color according to customer’s choice.
The customer determines in which color he would like the galvanized containers delivered. The final coating is done after pretreatment with a special zinc adhesive, which prevents later flaking off.
The desired paint is part of the cityscape, the container can be better cleaned by this surface (anti-graffiti coating).
Multicolored or in special design after arrangement and against surcharge.

Recording systems

We supply the containers suitable for all standard emptying systems (1-, 2- and 3-hook systems, Kugel, Kinshofer, Grumbach).

Aufnahmesystem 2 Haken
Aufnahmesystem Kinshofer
Aufnahmesystem Grumbach

Multi-chamber systems

It is possible to provide all containers with several chambers

Positioning aid:

To make it easier to place the containers back in their original position after emptying, the deflectors on the upper container area serve as a positioning or insertion aid.

The containers slide easily into their old standing position.

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