compact installation

Due to this space concept with the compact and flexible installation possibility of the container only a relatively small footprint is needed.
That means:
• Saving unnecessary space on expensive city locations
• no possibility to throw recyclables between the containers

Modular design

The containers are designed in such a way that the individual parts can be stacked in a space-saving and cost-efficient way and brought to the customer’s doorstep to carry out the final assembly directly there.
This not only saves transport costs by 3 times the transport capacity, but also only 1/3 of the truck pollutant emissions are released to the environment.
Parts exchange:
It happens again and again that containers are partly damaged, but the replacement of the relevant part is technically not feasible or economically meaningful.
The new module design offers another significant advantage. As a rule, an exchange of the defective or destroyed container part even at the parking space is possible.


The hot-dip galvanized load-bearing construction parts and the galvanized steel sheets extend the life of the products. This is also supported by the additional paint. All load-bearing container parts are designed for maximum continuous load.
A recurring problem is burning containers. This fact does not occur with sheet steel containers. Although the empties can burn inside the container, an overlap on adjacent steel containers is excluded.
And even in case of fire, there is no total loss of steel sheet containers. These can be fully used again after being reworked in the workshop.

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