Due to the different stand sizes, our program consists of two different product series:

Series KC 120 – small stand – depth 1200 mm

TypeVolumenWidth (x)DepthHeight
KC120-15001500 l800 mm1200 mm1640 mm
KC120-20002000 l1200 mm1200 mm1640 mm
KC120-30003000 l1600 mm1200 mm1640 mm
KC120-35003500 l1800 mm1200 mm1640 mm

Series KC 160 – large stand – depth 1600 mm

TypeVolumeWidth (x)DepthHeight
KC160-20002000 l800 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-25002500 l1050 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-30003000 l1200 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-32003200 l1350 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-35003500 l1500 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-40004000 l1650 mm1600 mm1744 mm
KC160-50005000 l1800 mm1600 mm1744 mm
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